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How could Meri-Rastila become a better neighbourhood?

We started to gather ideas on how could Meri-Rastila become a better neighbourhood? Please, add yours to the blog as comments or send them by e-mail to our group.

OUTreach Flyer

OUTreach Flyer


OURCity and Pro-Meri Rastila, Alternative Master-Plan

OURCity has team up with the Pro-Meri Rastila Group, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki to produce an Alternative Master Plan for the area!

The OURCity initiative is looking for 3 individuals or a team of 3 to students and 3 professionals to take part  in the redrafting the master plan for the eastern suburb of Meri-Rastila.

The three students should have completed their bachelor’s studies and at least 2 out of the three should speak both Finnish and English “fluently”.

We will give priority to those teams or an individual that is a landscape architect or an architect with landscape design experience.

The team will work in direct co-operation with the local residents through the Pro Meri-Rastila organisation and will liaise through them with the Helsinki City planning department.

This project is a real time project and will be submitted to the city planning committee for discussion around April 2012. The project will also be displayed as part of the OURCity programme which is a sub project of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

If anyone is interested in joining please send a simplified copy of your cv to: