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OURCity Article in wdchelsinki2012 programme 2012-01-27

WDCmag 20120127

Vuosaari Article in 6Degrees

This is an interesting article, about Vuosaari and the film based in the area by Aku Louhimies

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OURCity discussion in Stoa, Saturday 04.02.2012 Kerhohuone 15.00

OURCity – Creating an intimate and vibrant Meri-Rastila
OURCity – Kodikas ja elinvoimainen Meri-Rastila
A part of the World Design Capital Helsinki

Free entrance
Saturday 04.02.2012
Kerhohuone 15.00

Members of the OURCity group will present the ideas and objectives of the three subprojects of the OURCity program.

OURCity OURCourse
OURCity OURColours
OURCity OUTReach

Full text here:

OURCity Stoa Discussion


Meri Rastila video on youtube

 This video was done by borislav borisov
Take a look!

Vuosaaren Arkkitehtuuripolku / Vuosaari Architectural Route

This is a very interesting route around Vuosaari

Some of the Alternative Master-Plan team meet to discuss the project with interested parties

This week has been a busy week

On Monday…

Tristan, Marcelo & Seija met the people from dodo to present our ideas and to discuss some ideas for collaboration

On Wednesday…

Tristan, Mariana & Seija met the OURCourse team at Aalto University. The ideas of the Alternative Master-Plan and the workshops were discussed and so were the concepts of creative/design probes

On Thursday…

Tristan, Marcelo and Jaana met some representatives from the Helsinki city planning department, from the Neighbourhood Projects Department and from the Interactive Planning Department. We discussed the Alternative Master-Plan project and how the project can be used and developed.

OURCity Lehdistötiedote / Press Release



OURCity project in Vuosaarilehti

Below is a link to an article about the OURCity project in vuosaarilehti page 9

Welcome to our Workshop to help plan the alternative master plan for Meri-Rastila

Dear All

You are most welcome to come and join our next workshop on:

6th February 2012

Meri-Rastila Alternative Master-Plan Workshop 06.02.2012

Thank you for your participation

I would like to thank everyone for their participation in the 1st
OURCity alternative Master-Plan for Meri Rastila workshop.

Your in-put is very important for the project!

Tristan, Marcelo & Mariana