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An interesting article about public transport and services

This is an interesting article about how there needs to be greater variety of services and housing types in urban areas in Finland according to the Residents’ Barometer 2010 survey.  Some interesting quotes:

What is needed in the future is variety, different forms of housing in the same area,” Säteri says.

“Corresponding surveys were made in 2004 and also in 1998. In the oldest survey, the most desired services were a bank, grocery store and post office. In 2010, the most desired local service was a grocery store, then other stores and shops and public transport.”

Helena Säteri, Director General of the Ministry of the Environment

OURCity Article in Hufvudstadsbladet

OURCity has been featured in Hufvudstadsbladet the Swedish Language National newspaper in Finland

Some interesting comments from the Rastori event last year

There were some interesting comments given to us last year at the Rastori event 18/05/2011.

Attached is a digital version of the map used at the event

Take a look and give us your comments

rastori map 18/05/2011

OURCity is headline news on the World Design Capital website

Have a look at the World Design Capital website, both in Finnish and in English

Some comments about the Helsinki Sanomat article 08022012

In the slide show you can find some about the Helsinki Sanomat article 08/02/2012

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OURCity workshops in Helsinki Sanomat

Below is a copy of the Helsinki Sanomat article 08022012 about the OURCity Alternative Master-Plan workshops. They also talk about the Pro Meri-Rastila Liike and how they are keen to preserve the local forests

Helsinki Sanomat article 08022012

Helsinki Sanomat article 08022012


Meri Rastila School in (UK) Guardian News paper

This is an interesting article, since the city planning department is so concerned about the schools in Meri-Rastila.