An Alternative Master-Plan for Meri-Rastila

Please download the file and take a look at what we have done, please pass it on to you friends…. and please give us your comments….



3 responses to “An Alternative Master-Plan for Meri-Rastila

  1. Hanna-Leena Ylinen

    I feel very uncomfortable that the alternative plan is going to be presented to the committee by the city planning centre. The city planning centre has its own interests. I think if the committee heard Tristan present the plan they would see that this is how Meri-Rastila should be developed.

  2. The floor area numbers on the sheet are in square *kilo*meters. 85 300 km2 is almost the size of the Lapland region (92 700 km2).

    • Hi there. Thank you for your comment
      The k m2 figure (note the space between the ‘k’ and ‘m’), is a common figure for floor area in Finland.
      It refers to “kerrosala” meters squared. This means the built internal floor area plus 250mm of external wall structure.
      I hope this helps. Tristan

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