Alternative Master-Plan Exhibition in Rastila Retail Center – Monday 4th June – Sunday 17th June

OURCity – An alternative Master-Plan for Meri-Rastila

OURCity – Vaihtoehtoinen Asemakaava Meri-Rastilaan

OURCity – En Alternativ Generalplan för Havsrastböle

Organised by MEIDÄN OURCity ry

Free entrance

Monday 4th June – Sunday 17th June

Rastila Retail Center, Meri-Rastila

Meri Rastilankuja 2, Helsinki

The OURCity – An alternative Master-Plan for Meri-Rastila project will be exhibited in the Rastila retail center in June. The project’s objective has been to produce a new master-plan (asemakaava) for Meri-Rastila based on the hope and aspirations of its residents.

The project produced an A3 book report which was submitted and recently discussed by the city planning committee, (kaupunkisuunnittelulautakunta). The report was treated as an alternative to the general plan (osayleiskaavaa) which was also presented by the city planning department, (kaupunkisuunnitteluvirasto).

Working in co-operation with Pro-Meri Rastila Liike and Meri-Rastilan Aluefoorumi the project produced a comprehensive plan that solved the issues faced by Meri-Rastila through the help of its residents.

The master-plan proposes scattered but concentrated groups of “in-fill” buildings, with housing for 1800 persons and additional retail space. These leave untouched the large recreational forest for the use and benefit of all residents of Helsinki but take advantage of the under-utilised, Rastila metro stop. This new and dynamic architectural layer will revitalise Meri-Rastila and pro-actively alleviate the areas perceived image of economical segregation.

The; An alternative Master-Plan for Meri-Rastila project is part of the MEIDÄN OURCity ry programme which is an official part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

Suunnittele! Osallistu! / Take Part! Design! / Var Med och Påverka!

 SITE PLAN_1_2000_presentation_print


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