OURcity in Dutch blog “de architect”

Dutch blog de architect featured an article by architecture and design critic René Erven on World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. In the article there is special mention to OURcity.



4 responses to “OURcity in Dutch blog “de architect”

  1. Very interesting architects story!! Great work with this… Really impressed at the hard work and dedication you guys have put in!!! It’s a cool concept.
    Melisa Wilson
    “Miami Architects”

  2. I found your link very interesting. I Think, you are one of the best in your field.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Dear Melisa and Justin,
    Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement.
    OURcity will be a success if some people in Meri-Rastila appropriate a few of our ideas and use co-design, art, conversations and other constructive means to create bridges of communication between all the groups of people with different ethno-cultural backgrounds. For Meri-Rastila to be a Finnish suburb where as Sandercock and Attili (2009) has written “strangers become neighbours”.

  4. I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus. aacdekfecdee

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