Rastori event in Meri-Rastila square

Meri-Rastila aukio is one of these squares in the sleeping suburbs of Helsinki that  are not well designed, thought or managed. This isn’t a public space to accommodate conviviality. However, the organizers managed to pull together human resources from the area and create an event that temporarily reconfigured this square as a social space. This square should become an integral part of the urban fabric of Meri-Rastila expressing the socio-cultural diversity and richness existing in Meri-Rastila. OURcity and the Alternative Master Plan was in rastori too thanks to Sirkka, Seija and Jaana! One suggestion: maybe in the next Rastori in 2013 the theme could be “redesign OUR square” and people could actively re-imagine how this could be a gathering space … on a more permanent basis.



One response to “Rastori event in Meri-Rastila square

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