In fill towers in Stockholm

Below is an interesting article in the Swedish version of the Metro news-paper.

It talks about the possibility of building infill residential towers in Stockholm to help prevent the destruction of green field areas and to help solve the housing shortage. Both major issues that the OURCity Alternative Master Plan talked about


2 responses to “In fill towers in Stockholm

  1. Seppo Honkanen

    Oletkohan saanut auringonpistoksen, Tristan, jos suosittelet ylläolevaa konseptia Tukholmaan, saati Helsinkiin? Käsittääkseni kyseessä on nuorten irvileuka-arkkitehtien vitsi.

    • I am not suggesting that this should be done in Helsinki or in Stockholm, but I do think that it is good that in Stockholm they are discussing the possibilities and thinking about their effect on the city scape. This is more then I can say for Helsinki…

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