Monthly Archives: July 2012

Back from Holidays

I hope everyone has had a long a relaxing summer vacation.

For the last three weeks I have been on a road trip which has meant that I have not looked at a computer or my emails for that entire time. Which despite what many people may think, I have enjoyed immensely, I feel like I have been truly disconnected, (the only thing is, I have to wade through hundreds of emails in multiple accounts…)

This does not however mean that everyone else has been doing the same thing…

Hanna-Leena Ylinen has written a letter to the editor of Helsinki Sanomat about the ideas behind the Alternative Master-Plan being a win-win solution for both the residents and the city:

HS mielipide-2012-07-21&18

Eeva Berglund has written an interesting article in ARK (SAFA’s Finnish Architectural Review Magazine)



Thanks to Pro Meri-Rastila

I would just like to thank the members of Pro Meri-Rastila for the celebration BBQ last Wednesday (27.06.2012) and to apologies for the delay in me saying it.

I think everyone who attended had a great evening, despite the spells of rain

Special thanks to all those who set up the tent and provided the food.

Everyone for OURCity wishes you all a very good summer vacation