Back from Holidays

I hope everyone has had a long a relaxing summer vacation.

For the last three weeks I have been on a road trip which has meant that I have not looked at a computer or my emails for that entire time. Which despite what many people may think, I have enjoyed immensely, I feel like I have been truly disconnected, (the only thing is, I have to wade through hundreds of emails in multiple accounts…)

This does not however mean that everyone else has been doing the same thing…

Hanna-Leena Ylinen has written a letter to the editor of Helsinki Sanomat about the ideas behind the Alternative Master-Plan being a win-win solution for both the residents and the city:

HS mielipide-2012-07-21&18

Eeva Berglund has written an interesting article in ARK (SAFA’s Finnish Architectural Review Magazine)



One response to “Back from Holidays

  1. Welcome back in to Town. Mitähän tekemistä Arkkitehtilehden muotoiluartikkelilla on Rastilan metroaseman ympäristön täydennysrakentamisen kanssa? Seppo

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