Some new links

Today I found a few new links, I thought I’s share with you all

Helsinki planning new website:

An official description of the western recreational forest in Meri-Rastila


One response to “Some new links

  1. Helsingin luonnonsuojeluyhdistys (Helsy) will organize a walk in Meri-Rastila on the 8th of Septemper. The meeting will be at Rastila metro station at 10 am.

    Here is the information that was in Helsy’s message:
    La 8.9. klo 10-14. Kävelyretki Vartiokylän lahtipolun läntisellä osuudella: Meri-Rastilan metsä, Meri-Rastilan ranta, pieni neva, Ramsinniemen lehtoalue ja merenranta. Lähtöpaikka: Rastilan metroaseman bussilaituri

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