English for all!

Finnish is undoubtedly learnt and gradually mastered by a diverse range of people from all over the world who have come to Finland to reside, be it temporarily or permanently.  Yet for some, there is always a quest to conquer a third, fourth or perhaps even a fifth language.

OutReach recently started its first free weekly Conversational English Language class to bring diversity in the classroom. The teacher, Dina Fuad-Luke, an OURCity team member, taught English for over 15 years in the U.K before coming to live in Helsinki.

“The atmosphere in the classroom is great. People who would not normally cross paths, are sitting in one room, sharing views and jokes about a range of topics in a very relaxed way. It is very much a mini multi-cultural forum, and each week throws up something culturally-new,” she said.

“I am pleased that that their common enthusiasm for learning the English language has encouraged them to exchange information with people who do not share their cultures, heritage or history.”

So far, six students have been attending the weekly Thursday class in Fokka.

For more information, please contact dfuadluke(at)yahoo.co.uk


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