The Alternative Master Plan lives on

OURcity is coming to a close by the end of 2012. We, the members of OURcity group, have decided that after the end of our project we will stop updating this blog. When this happens the blog will be an online documentation of OURCity project and will become part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 history.

One of the initiatives of OURcity project has been the drafting of the Alternative Master Plan (AMP) for Meri-Rastila. This particular initiative has got a life of its own, and continues to steer discussions. Everyone in OURcity is happy with the success of AMP.

You can follow the discussions about the Alternative Master-Plan here:

In you can follow one of the most recent discussions  (29th of November 2012). It must be clear that online public discussions taking place around the activities of OURcity project, are not guided by the members of OURcity group. Nevertheless, we are pleased that OURcity brings attention to the case of Meri-Rastila, the provision of services to immigrants, intercultural communication, and to the need for more inclusive and participatory planning processes.

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