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Article about OurCity in european webmagazine – labkultur

The European webmagazine – labkultur has published an article about OURCity, based on a telephone interview with Tristan Hughes

LABKULTUR is a European webmagazine for culture and creativity. Over 20 authors from the Ruhr area, London, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Nantes and Košice report on cities within the world of digital and social change. They study the influence that culture has on city development and analyse the production and life situations of artists and creatives. LABKULTUR understands creativity as the engine of urban future. It is a project of the European centre for creative economy.


Our full report of the “How Was It For You?” survey is available!

OURcity project comes to a close with the publication of the report “How was it for you?” which builds on a small scale in-depth qualitative survey conducted for OURcity project by our colleague Dina Fuad-Luke. The survey was planned and carried out in October-November 2012 and the report was completed in December 2012. In order to carry out the survey and prepare this report OURcity applied for and received financial support by the City of Helsinki ‘s Human Resources Centre, Immigration Division. The aim of the survey was to investigate the perceptions and experiences immigrants in the suburb of Meri-Rastila in East Helsinki have about social and health public services. The report itself builds upon the testimonies of 18 interviewees who we sincerely thank. OURcity wishes that the report does justice to their voices. To get the full report please click the following link: HOW WAS IT FOR YOU analysis1with appendix