Article about OurCity in european webmagazine – labkultur

The European webmagazine – labkultur has published an article about OURCity, based on a telephone interview with Tristan Hughes

LABKULTUR is a European webmagazine for culture and creativity. Over 20 authors from the Ruhr area, London, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Nantes and Košice report on cities within the world of digital and social change. They study the influence that culture has on city development and analyse the production and life situations of artists and creatives. LABKULTUR understands creativity as the engine of urban future. It is a project of the European centre for creative economy.

One response to “Article about OurCity in european webmagazine – labkultur

  1. I found the article very interesting and wish it would reach a wide audience in Finland. Here is a quote:

    “It is quite astonishing that only non Finnish language newspapers published articles on our project”, Tristan tells. It was only through letters to the editor that participants reached the main newspaper in Finland “Helsingin Sanomat”.

    This has been our main problem. Helsingin Sanomat refused to represent the alternative plan and whenever they had to mention the plan they referred to it as being made by residents and students as if it was not quite professional.

    I can see only one reason for this behavior. There are some short term business interests that Helsingin Sanomat is trying to protect

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