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Farewell from OURcity!

Dear visitor! MEIDÄN Ourcity ry, the association responsible for OURCity project, has been dissolved on Sunday, 17th of February 2013.

We wish to wholeheartedly thank you for honoring us with your trust, encouragement, constructive criticism, collaboration, or plain interest.

The association and the project are not active as such, however, the people behind them are alive and kicking, each one  in her/his own way contributing  in making cities ours.

If you want to contact them here are some email addresses to start with:

“Dina Fuad-Luke” <dfuadluke(at)>

“Hossam Hewidy” <hossam.hewidy(at)>

“Tristan Hughes” <uusiark(at)>

“Mariana Salgado” <Mariana.Salgado(at)>

OURcity Exhibition opening, STOA (07.11.12): more photos

Here are some photos from the OURcity exhibition opening in STOA on Wednesday the 7th of November 2012 (the dates on the photos are not the right ones).













Thanks to all those who helped with setting up the exhibition and attended the opening


We would like to thank everyone who has helped with setting up the exhibition and attended the opening last Wednesday. In particular:

Stoa for providing the space technical support and the drinks, many thanks to Petra as well!

Paiju Tyrvainen for the opening speech and the kind words

Jaana Pylkkänen, and all those from Pro-Meri Rastila and Fokka for their kind words and assistance and of course for initiating the alternative master-plan

Palace and cultural network – Pacunet/Suomalais-filippiniläinen yhdistys/Xezal Kurdish Group/Suomalais-Kurdilainen Ystävysseura/Valkolaiset – Greece: Who provided items and clothing and other very interesting things for the OURColours exhibition

Ayhan Turkman & Borislav Borisov for working so hard on the videos

Sare Deniz, Sultan Akpinar, Derya Bakir, Fatma Yasa for preparing the excellent food, which we know everyone enjoyed

The Band – La Gallada who played at the opening

Emmi Nykänen for taking the photos and video of the opening

Milja and Juho-Atte for helping with translations

If there is anyone we have missed, please forgive us, and thank you for your help

Below are some photos (by Emmi) from the opening:

Thanks to ALL who came to the opening it was great to have your support!

OURCity Exhibition in Stoa 8.11-1.12.2012

The OURCity Exhibition will be held in Stoa between 8.11-1.12.2012

This is the final project of the OURCity project which will come to an end at the end of the year. The exhibition will display all of the works carried out by the OURCity team. All Welcome!

Alternative Master-Plan Exhibition in Laituri

The Alternative Master-Plan will be exhibited along side of kaupunkisuunnitteluvirasto’s osayleiskaavaluonnos (Partial General Plan Sketch) in Laituri.  (The city planning departments exhibition space)

This is a great opportunity for people to directly compare the alternative resident led holistic design coordinated by OURCity with the centralized  plan done by KSV.

See the exhibition poster below, All Welcome!

Watch the Meri-Rastila forest video!

Take a look at the promotional video of the recreational forest in Meri-Rastila

Done in collaboration between OURCity, Pro Meri-Rastila and Borislav Borisov

It really shows that the forest is actively used and loved by people in Meri-Rastila!

Marco Steinberg

Marco Steinberg was interviewed by Helsinki Sanomat on the 24th of July 2012

In his interview he talks about the Fins misinterpretation of “honesty” when discussing the nation. He also talks about the lack of discussion about and criticism of the state.

Marco lived his childhood in Italy and studied in the United States, first at the Rhode Island University and afterwards at Harvard, where he also worked as a professor. He now works for Sitra, (The Finnish Innovation Fund).

Take a look: steinberg 24_06_2012

Comments from the June Exhibition

Its taken a while to get done, primarily because I have been so busy recently but last week Juho-Atte kindly wrote up the comments from the June exhibition of the Alternative Master-Plan.

During the exhibition time 2 panels were placed so that viewers could write their opinions about the Alternative Master-Plan. We received a lot of different comments, unfortunately some were not suitable for publication due to their offensive nature , so the write up has excluded these.

Thanks to all of those who gave your comments both positive and negative, they have been very useful.

In the pdf I have included a photo of the original boards and the write up, (in English and Finnish).

Exhibition comments

STOA is now advertising the OURCity exhibition in November

In Finnish and English

OURCity is currently organising an exhibition of all of its projects to be held in Stoa! The East Helsinki Cultural Center located in Itäkeskus between: 7.11.–1.12

Please put it in your diary and come and see it!


The Alternative Master Plan exhibition panels are available for download

Hei everyone!

I would like to start with thanking everyone who have written their comments about our project exhibited in the Rastila shopping center.

For those who have not seen it you still have a chance as the exhibition will be up until Sunday. For those who can not make it or just want to read more you can download the boards and the A3 book, from the Alternative Master Plan page….

Many Thanks, and please keep on giving us your comments….