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Farewell from OURcity!

Dear visitor! MEIDÄN Ourcity ry, the association responsible for OURCity project, has been dissolved on Sunday, 17th of February 2013.

We wish to wholeheartedly thank you for honoring us with your trust, encouragement, constructive criticism, collaboration, or plain interest.

The association and the project are not active as such, however, the people behind them are alive and kicking, each one  in her/his own way contributing  in making cities ours.

If you want to contact them here are some email addresses to start with:

“Dina Fuad-Luke” <dfuadluke(at)>

“Hossam Hewidy” <hossam.hewidy(at)>

“Tristan Hughes” <uusiark(at)>

“Mariana Salgado” <Mariana.Salgado(at)>

OURCourse-Geography Department essays

Essay 1: Men’s in multicultural public spaces in Meri Rastila. essaypdf

Essay 2: Young adults in Meri Rastila. Young

Presentation of work in progress done by students

OurCity project has one subproject named OurCourses. During this semester students from Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki University have been working on it. Teachers will present some preliminary results.

OurCity aluefoorumi