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Thanks to all those who helped with setting up the exhibition and attended the opening


We would like to thank everyone who has helped with setting up the exhibition and attended the opening last Wednesday. In particular:

Stoa for providing the space technical support and the drinks, many thanks to Petra as well!

Paiju Tyrvainen for the opening speech and the kind words

Jaana Pylkkänen, and all those from Pro-Meri Rastila and Fokka for their kind words and assistance and of course for initiating the alternative master-plan

Palace and cultural network – Pacunet/Suomalais-filippiniläinen yhdistys/Xezal Kurdish Group/Suomalais-Kurdilainen Ystävysseura/Valkolaiset – Greece: Who provided items and clothing and other very interesting things for the OURColours exhibition

Ayhan Turkman & Borislav Borisov for working so hard on the videos

Sare Deniz, Sultan Akpinar, Derya Bakir, Fatma Yasa for preparing the excellent food, which we know everyone enjoyed

The Band – La Gallada who played at the opening

Emmi Nykänen for taking the photos and video of the opening

Milja and Juho-Atte for helping with translations

If there is anyone we have missed, please forgive us, and thank you for your help

Below are some photos (by Emmi) from the opening:

Thanks to ALL who came to the opening it was great to have your support!